The Soul R&B Radio Legends of Central Virginia are: Mitch Malone, Boss Bank, James Chocolatechip Johnston, Boopin' Ben Miles, Mel Edwards, Randy "Lee Cross" Harris, Ken Crandell, Clovia Grooms Lawrence, Cavell Phillips, Mikki Spencer, Stanley Russe Jordan, Jay Lang, Kirby Carmichael, Jerry Carter, Allen Knight, "Tiger" Tom Mitchell, Willie "Meatball" Poe, Everette "Didi The Deamon" Dudley, Dave "JoJo" Samuels, Frank "Max The Player" Kennedy, Maxie Robinson Jr, Billy "Vernon From Venus" Lee, Ernest "Mr. Clue" Shaw, Soul Papa, Chuck McCool, Willie "The Moonman" Bacote, Bob "Nighthawk" Terry, Jim "Dynamo" Watkins, Roger "The Dodger" Williams, Nat D. Williams, Jack Cooper, Sonny Boy Williams, Robert Junior Lockwood, Jack Holmes, Daddy O' Day Lie, Wilbur Lewis, Bill Gibbons, Sid McCoy, Osbourne Bailey Jr, Petey Green, Doris Ann Allen, Chico Renfroe.

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This station does play explicit songs occasionally.

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Mitch Malone is memorialized every Sunday @ 8:00 P.M.

This station is dedicated to The Soul R&B Radio Disc Jockey Legends of Central VA, including DJ "Dot" Scratch (My Son) , Analyze Thedj (My Godson) & the lovely and talented Serena !

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